The CICA job site has been hacked

Posté mer 13/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

A surprise on Monday morning on the very sober and respectful CICA job site, used by every high tech companies in the Telecom Valley : pornographic images were displayed. Obviously that was not the work of the CICOM organisation which manages a site rewarded by the European Community in the past. The site, which was protected by filtering systems nevertheless, has simply been the victim of computer hackers.As soon as the webmasters have been alerted, the offending images have been immediately cancelled. But since this moment, the access to the /">http://emploi.cica.frhas become difficult and even impossible. Moreover the address is going to be changed quickly. CICOM organisation, which has left the CICA on December 1st, has registered '' (the address is not yet activated), whereas the new CICA managers, the Carillion company, has started the creation of a job site which is accessible by the /">www.cica.fraddress. After the battle of the CICA, a battle of job sites from the CICA is emerging…

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