CICA of Sophia: Carillion leaves

Posté lun 30/07/2001 - 00:00
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Since no satisfactory judicial solution was found, the administrator of the International Centre for Advanced Communication had to leave. A team of the county council is ensuring the interim since Monday.

There is a new development in the case of the CICA at Sophia Antipolis. Following the cancellation of the call for tenders, the Carillion Services company, which took over the management of the CICOM Organization in December in a turbulent context, left the CICA on Friday, July 20th. In a letter addressed to the occupants, Jean-Louis Geiger, the manager, explains the reasons of this hasty departure.The administrative court, on petition of the prefect, had cancelled the call for tenders of the CICA last July 6th. A judicial solution was then looked for by the county council, owner of the building, to ensure the transition before the arrival of the administrator chosen through a new call for tenders (considering the delays claimed by this operation, the interim was meant to last three up to four months).According to Bernard Nicoletti, in charge of Carillion France, it wasn't possible to find a judicial solution for Carillion Services to keep on ensuring the management of the CICA in legal conditions. Hence this departure announced on Thursday and taking effect from today, Monday July 23rd.A team of the county council then ensures the management of the building since Monday morning where about fifty companies are hosted. It is the county council which will ensure the interim until the end of the proceedings of a new call for tenders, unless the assembly of the department chooses to opt out for the sale of the building. Concerning the Carillion Services company, it set up at Carros. The company wishes to apply to the new call for tenders and if possible, to be ready to take back the management of the big technologic structure of the department…

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