CICA in Sophia: a new invitation to tender has been launched

Posté jeu 24/08/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The invitation to tender for the management of the CICA (International Center for Advanced Communication) of Sophia Antipolis has been launched by the Regional Council. The procedure had been cancelled a first time at the beginning of last May. C.I.Com organization, the firm responsible for the management and which would have stopped its activities on July 1st 2000, had had a renewed contract for 5 months until the end of November 2000 to have time to prepare another procedure. The new invitation to tender is pending with a files registration fixed on Sept.27th and a result which should be announced on October 28th 2000. Some modifications: there is now only one share left for the technical management of buildings and the activities of the CICA (the first invitation to tender was counting 2 shares). One month has been planned to ensure the shift in the case of a team change.

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