CICA of Sophia: new problems to come

Posté ven 29/06/2001 - 00:00
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Two new events: the appeal of the Prefect which will be dealt with at the administrative court on June 29th and the county council which will possibly sell the building.

New problems to come at the CICA, the International Center for Advanced Communication? It might be the case. Whereas a consensus seemed to be found with the administrative court so that the current team, the one of Carillion services, can take up the management during the five months necessary to a new call for tenders, two events occurred.First: the appeal of the prefect which will be presented at the administrative court on Friday June 29th in the morning, through which he asked for the immediate cancellation of the market. If judges agreed, it would entail an immediate departure of the current team as soon as the decision is given. Decisions being often given within fifteen days, the CICA then could be without a manager around July 15th.Second: it is the decision of the county council which leaves the possibility of the sale of the CICA. It is particularly indicated that at the origin of the project, the initiative of the community was launched because of a lack of the private offer for this type of host product. It is a lack which doesn't exist anymore nowadays whereas "the possibility of the building's sale is included in the clauses of departure of the public service delegation."In a sense or another, the decision would not be taken and would only intervene in summer. However, this new possibility surprised current administrators, since, until now, they only thought that a new call for tenders was to be re-launched. The story continues…

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