CJD: an evening about "fears of company managers"

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“Fears of company managers”, this the theme of the next evening of the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants Nice Côte d’Azur (Center for young company managers), an evening which will take place on Wednesday May 16th 2001, 7.00 pm, at the Aston Hotel (12, avenue Felix Faure in Nice). Doctor Hervé CORTI, a psychiatrist, system expert, family therapist and founder of “Ateliers Relationels” (stands where different themes focusing on human relationships are tackled) will talk about the various fears of managers.Managers are confronted to numerous and multiple fears all life long. Conflicts with employees, bankruptcy filling, sudden fall of the activity (as in the case of the mad cow for people who work in the meat industry), management of a company in strong growth, refusal of a large economic market, lack of confidence, conflict situations, company cash problems, risks and directions to take, delegation, etc: the list is not exhaustive.These accumulated fears have consequences on managers: stress, relational decadence, finality aspects, constant challenges, physical injuries, etc… Doctor Hervé Corti will conclude on a subject already tackled during the year by Maurice Lejeune, a psychologist, relaxation therapist and philosopher.InformationFabien Paul, the president of the C.J.D. Nice Côte d’AzurTel: 04 93 83 91 23

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