CJD : myths and reality of the new economy

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The Club des Jeunes Dirigeants (Young Managers Club) focused on the economic and technologic revolution in progress and on all its consequences on management and company managing.

“Understand the new economy : myths and realities; what are the consequences on our companies?”; that was the theme that the Young company Managers Center of Cannes Sophia Antipolis and Nice Côte d’Azur chose for the debate performance in the high-tech premises of the Theseus Institute in Sophia Antipolis. Such a debate, organized by Fabien Paul, CJD president, convened more than one hundred people around the three leaders : Olivier Jay, editor of the Enjeux Les Echos magazine, Christian Poujardieu, IBM La Gaude director and Alain André, CI COM organisation director.The general framework has been presented by Olivier Jay. He insisted on the point that it is a tremendous overturning. The matter is a reinvention of business, an evolution of management under the convergence of four great movements : technology, law and politics, economy and company. A new industry is blooming and is going to change all the working habits. According to Olivier Jay, this is a revolution that won’t be done in a few years. It will last until one or two generations and it marks the end of Taylorism ( work in pieces) and the beginning of a world that personalizes the service and the relation with the customer.From the new management methods to the most advanced technologies, from the capital-venture to the e-business, the density and the clearness of explanations and commentaries have particularly appreciated. As well as the speeches of the two other orators. ”I encourage you to transform your firm in a e-business company,declared Christian Poujardieu. Start at a little level, in a selected and limited field (the relation with the customer for instance), and then get broader and speed up. Your competitors are doing it. Their sales keep on during the building and they are increasing while their costs are decreasing !”Just after the European innovation award he got for the CICA, Alain André says that “ start-ups need more and more support of more and more competent professional who must prove to be equal to the fund-raising and to the business plans ambitions. That’s what allowed the CICOM to get a very high perenniality rate for its companies with less than 5% of failure within two years.”That’s something to encourage the club’s young managers. As well, see on the /www.cjdnice.net/net-economie">CJD, site the picture report of this event.

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