Club Sophia Start-up: meeting at the E.T.S.I.

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The seventh meeting of the 'Club Sophia Start-Up' will take place on June 19th 2000 from 6:00 pm and is exceptional. Exceptional because it will be at the E.T.S.I. (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), at number 650, route des Lucioles in Sophia Antipolis. The telecommunications temple. Thanks to it the GSM norm has been a success, while its teams are now working on others ultra sensitive topics like the UMTS (third generation cellular phones), the voice on IP, the optical network…..Even if it will be about telecommunications, this month topic is different, it is about 'venture capital in Europe'. The contributors are the following ones:-Land Bank of Bavaria-Louis Pesenti: Region Council-employment delegation-Patrick Corsi: European Commission Plan manager-IST'2000 Investment Forum-Vittorio Palmieri: managing director MY QUBE-Business Incubator-Sylviane Toporkoff-I.T.E.M.S international-Global Forum-Bridget P. Cosgrave: E.T.S.I. Assistant General ManagerRegistrations and contactsIn order to make easier the contacts and the identifications of the members a 5 minutes speech is proposed to the services suppliers and to the plans carriers to introduce themselves. Thank you to tell us if you want to contribute.Important: the number of entrances is limited. Please give your names by e-mail as soon as possible: . Last delay for registration: June 15th at the latest. Then the registration will be accepted and the mail return will constitute your entrance bill.

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