Commercial courts : the call for bidders of the employers? union

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The UPE06 (ex-UDECA) is currently proceeding to a call for bidders to the positions of judges for the elections of next October in commercial courts. In a press release, the employers’ union reminds that “the overall of the four commercial courts of the department: Antibes, Cannes, Grasse and Nice represent 92 judges and passed 18,000 sentences for the year 2000. Independently from the evolution of the reform, for which no precise date is set at the moment, the institution needs to partially renew its judges. This year, nearly 20 positions will be vacant for the overall of the courts in the department. It is important to have the largest professional and geographical representation possible.A session of information-awareness, organized in close collaboration with the presidents of commercial courts in the department, will allow to find applicants who will be better prepared, more motivated and conscious of the responsibility they will have in this position.Concerning the other conditions of eligibility to fill:- to be aged 30 at least;- to be on the commercial court’s electoral roll, set within the competence of the commercial court or within the competence of bordering commercial courts;- justify of a registration at the trade and companies register for at least five years, either during the same delay of one of the functions, enumerated in the next to last line of the section 6, Law of July 16th 1987.It is necessary that applicants have a strong experience in the management of companies.It is compulsory:- not to have been condemned of the articles L 5 an L 6 of the electoral bill (opening of a collective procedure, …)- not to be a member of another commercial court or conciliation board of employers and wage-earners in industrial disputes.”ContactFor additional information and forms, please contact the UDECA – Valérie - Tel 04 92 47 73 73.

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