Companies: changes brought by NTIC (TF1)

Posté sam 20/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Which are the big changes brought by the use of new technologies of communication and information in big companies? On the website of TF1, Alain Foret, vice-president of the CJD (Centre for Young Managers) gives an idea through a study carried out in more than 400 companies. In an interview ("What did we do of new technologies ?"), he explains that "nowadays, size isn't vital to enter a market, that problems of distrust, generated in small and medium-sized companies and industries lay in the fact that computer tools were set in them but were dedicated for multinationals. Alain Foret also offers the "mutual tutorial system" between young people with knowledge in information technology and people over forty who have a lot of experience and pleads for a "share of knowledge" within the company. Regarding changes, they are far from being achieved, with new "tertiary" relocations very soon. When an engineer costs 5,000 francs a month in Romania, and file transfers can be achieved at the speed of light, temptation is high…

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