Congress : record year in 2000 for Nice Acropolis

Posté lun 02/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Everyone expected it. Figures confirmed it: the year 2000 was exceptional for Nice Acropolis. The World gas congress, the World ice-skating contest, the European Council of head of States, have contributed to increase the turnover: 108.90 million francs in 2000 compared to 60.5 million francs in 1999, which is nearly the double. In total, 121 events were organized and 617,884 visitors came during this magic year. Champagne can be get out to celebrate! Jean Guillon, President of Nice Acropolis, who presented its figures last week, at the administration council of Nice Acropolis, was careful though: even if 2001 already exceeded forecasts, the record of 2000 won’t be beaten. The year 2000 for Nice acropolis will remain exceptional for everything.

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