Content browser: the Pertimm revolution

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It is a revolutionary solution to allow you to find all your files stored on your hard disks, servers, CD Roms, DVD or others. It is perfect to find some information on!

To show an example is much better than to make a speech. It is now possible to have access to the overall content on the website of thanks to Pertimm. Click on Pertimm of (the English version on PertimmENGLISH of You can try and you will find… In order to guide you, an access method will allow you to take the best of this "content browser".The Pertimm technology was included in the platform of by Dag Merino, founder of, a laboratory for the knowledge management popularization and founder of a diagnosis version for companies, work groups and individuals.More than a search engineWhen you write the first letters, the system shows you its solutions every time in order to help you. Try with two words. Like Google, it will show you all the texts in which the two words appear and will underline them. However, if you link the two words with the sign_, it will only show you the texts in which the two words are together.You can also try "co-occurrences". They reveal the group of words which are linked to the name on which you did the research, that is to say the most quoted words in the texts where this name can be found. These are some of the services that the content browser Pertimm can provide you. There are also many others. More than a search engine, it makes dialogue with the computer possible. Not only it opens the doors of your computer's memory but moreover, it helps you to find your way gradually.How can you find what you stored?Pertimm answers a growing need. Hard disks with a big storage size, DVD, CD Roms: the abilities of data storage increased significantly since two or three years. It is great to keep texts, music, images, and every other document. However, another problem remain: how can you find a file stored on hard disk, CD Rom or DVD? How can you find an archived article or this music on a CD Rom? All these files are among a real flood of documents.The only classical solution remains demanding: a manual archiving with key-words. It is a solution which is still difficult to apply when several persons store documents on a PC or a server.Jean Poncet, Xavier Mignon et Patrick Constant, a trio combining competences in information technology and in languages studied this problem. These combined competences allowed them to create a new solution: a content browser. They explained that Pertimm, uses a new technology: the one called "the reversed computer".Deal with the computer as with your own memoryThe reversed computer is this technology which allows you to access directly to the content of your computers, as you deal directly with your own memory (…/..). Whatever your documents are structured with the format of a database, a spreadsheet program, a word processor OLE or not; whatever they are simply in ASCII or EBCDIC, whatever their language is, their size, the vocabulary you use, PERTIMM® immediately understands where they are. As your own memory, PERTIMM® has an IMMediate access to a CONTENT that we made PERTinent. It is this content which will give you the information on the structure which includes it, and not the contrary. If you type "André Michel", for example, PERTIMM® will not only find this name and surname in all texts possible, but it will even indicate the name of fields and structures which include it.Archiving becomes easierThus, with this solution, there is no need to apply yourself to a systematic and expensive archiving no more. You can store your files, texts, images, music, or others in a jumble on your hard disks or storage tools. Pertimm will store them in its memory at a high speed and without your intervention, then in order to allow you to find them.It will help you to address the computer system as you address a friend in order to remind a memory. It is as you do to find out a name, or an idea deep inside your memory. Great!

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