Corsica-Ferries launches its first Mega-Express

Posté ven 30/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The first Mega-Express, Corsica Ferries' reprisal to the NGV 3 of the SNCM ( Corsica Mediterranean National Company) was launched. Whereas the SNCM bet on the speed with a boat which can carry 1 100 passengers at 43 knots (about 80 km an hour), Corsica Ferries plays on compromises with a new generation of ferries combining a lowest speed but a higher number of passengers. The new Mega-Express will then be able to carry nearly 1 800 passengers and more than 500 vehicles. In addition to that, the renewal of the concession of public service between Corsica and the continent in January 2002, the fight might be tense this year in the maritime sector.

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