Corsica Ferries launches Mega Express II

Posté sam 30/09/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

Just some weeks before the results of the invitation to tender which had been launched on sea links between Corsica and continent, Corsica Ferries has launched its new arm: Mega Express II, a high speed traditional ship dedicated to compete with SNCM NGVs (high speed ships). She was built in Livourne shipbuilding yard, Italy and follows Mega Express I launched in March 2000. The second NTGV (high speed traditional ship) is going to take a part, with her sister, in the Company 2001 commercial offensive.Some elements: a 52 km/h speed (ie 5 hours and a half to go from Toulon to Ajaccio), 300 cabins, 1,200 beds, 1,756 passengers (640 more than the biggest NGV sailing to Corsica), departure at any weather. Both Mega Express will be used for the new links Toulon-Bastia, Toulon-Ajaccio, Nice-Ajaccio from spring 2001. They will allow to offer 3,400 links a year to Corsica. With her sister company's links (Sardinia Ferries), Corsica Ferries will have a reception capacity for more than 40,000 passengers a day in summer.

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