'Create a second professional life': the association launched

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An association and an electronic forum were implemented to gather together all those who, at 45 years old, say they still have 40 years to live. RV on Nov. 16.

The topic is now popular. A movie 'second life' exists. 'Create a second professional life', this movement lead by 45 year-old people and more launched on the technopole in Sophia Antipolis, has nothing to be compared with the movie evoked. The goal is to help managers who feel blocked in the company in which they work to realize an own professional project they would have had in their minds for a long time.The association and its goalsA first working meeting at the end of Sept. around the concept allowed to go further on. It ended on the creation of an association and a forum to gather together all the people who are interested in the future of 45 year-old people and more. Or because they feel directly concerned, or because they want to bring their own experiences to others. A second meeting has already been planned on Nov. 16 at 6:00 pm, Sophia Antipolis (for the people interested in, register by mail on info@deuxiemevie.org).The goal will be to present the association and its goals. The association 'Create my second life' has just been launched, and is presided by Gunter Schmidt-Taube, former director of Andersen Consulting Sophia Antipolis and now an adviser for a leading start-up. Laurent Bazet, founder of the start-up Ove Interactive deals with secretarial work; and Dominique Pagès, creator of Technofi, deals with accounting.Its goals? They were defined in a release: discover new perspectives for oneself, reflect on solutions for one's company, help other people to build a project, value oneself by the promotion of the issue around one another…For Dominique Pagès, the first meeting showed there were two populations interested in the question: advisers and salaried people who want to change. Every people who is interested in must realize that the adhesion to the association is not dedicated to solution their own problem, but to change their vision on their situation and their perspectives. The aim is to bring before asking.A game-test to discover oneselfTo help everybody to better know what the person has inside, the association also proposed a game-test, lead freely by one of the members of the association. The quiz about the issue 'Do you want to imagine your second life', allow volunteers to express their ambition of personal activity at middle-term. We have already realized enough games-tests to present a synthesis at the time of the second meeting, anonymously of course,Gunter Schmidt-Taube precised.We have already received a great deal of mails, which ensured us the step was corresponding to a real problem. For instance :I am 40, maybe I am not yet authorized to take a part in the association but I am so interested in. Or another one: I am a manager, I am over 45, my career is not typical and I'm still not dead.But to realize a second life is difficult.

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