'Créer ma seconde vie' on SeniorPlanet.fr

Posté ven 16/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

'SeniorPlanet.fr', the portal for seniors, is dedicating a long article for the presentation of the 'Créer ma seconde vie' association (To create my second life) launched in Sophia Antipolis. /www.seniorplanet.fr/index.php?Thema=Emploi&Rubrique=Carriere&Article=a_JeanMarie_Sarda_Inventersanouvellevieprofessionnelle_1_20010214182221.xml&divers=Actualites"> 'Inventer sa nouvelle vie professionnelle'(to invent one's new professional life) is going further than simply mentioning the characteristics of an association whose aim is to help people over 45 years old to have a new look on their life and to lead them to exercise the occupation of their dream. Gunter Schimdt-Taube, the former director of Andersen Consulting and the president of 'Céer ma deuxième vie', brings his own experience and explains the methodology under way. And particularly a 'questionnaire-game' created by specialized consultants, a game which allows everyone to better discover oneself simply with the dream…

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