Cyber Advertisement : the best Net advertising campaigns

Posté mar 26/06/2001 - 00:00
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If you want to see the best advertising campaigns on the Net, you can have a look on the winners of the Cyber Lions, awarded during the International advertising Festival of Cannes which ended on June 25th. Addresses of websites are also available, you can even download the ads, as the one of the “Cyber Grand Prix”, awarded to Nike ID for its shoes to build and to view in 3D. It is poetry in motion!Concerning the global result of the competition, France got few awards this year. For 69 Lions and a Grand Prix awarded, the French have only won two awards: a “Lion d’or” (Golden Lion) for Brandt’s advertising campaign (4 ads, agency CLM/BBDO) and a “Lion d’argent” (Silver Lion) for the 4 Motion ad shot by DDB for the Golf of Volkswagen. The Grand Prix, which is the “palme d’or” of the advertisement, was awarded to the United States. The Fox Sports campaign with four comic ads on ludicrous sports in foreign countries, appealed to the jury presided over by Bob Isherwood. As in the previous years, the United States (15 Lions including 6 “Lions d’or”) and the British (15 Lions including 8 “Lions d’or”) largely dominated the competition, Argentina ranking third with 6 Lions, including 3 “Lions d’or”. See the overall list of award winners on the website

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