The DATA and the CICA facing the County Council

Posté mer 24/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The assembly of the department will gather in plenary session on Thursday October 25th at 9.30, under the presidency of the senator Charles Ginesy, for the review and the vote of the Amendment N° 2 of the Budget 2001. At this occasion, budgetary decisions of the department for 2002 will be presented. Another matter on the agenda is the new version of the DTA (Territorial Planning Management) for which general advisers will have to give their opinion. The document, elaborated with the services of the State, is far from getting unanimous support on the Riviera and was particularly highly criticised by the CCI NCA during its general assembly a week ago (see elsewhere).The CICA (International Centre for Advanced Communication) is one of the sensitive matters of Sophia Antipolis dealt with, with the launching of a new call for tenders for its management. The previous call for tenders, given to Carillion Services was cancelled last July. The County Council, who had undertaken the management of the incubator of technologic companies, was confronted to dysfunction problems of computer networks within the building, especially in August.

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