Data Base Forum : the main subjects of data processing in 2001

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With next year’s program, the matters that will be part of the current events : Data Mining, CRM, ASP revolution (Application Service provider), collaboration work, m-business…

The Data Base Forum Club at Sophia Antipolis has arranged its programme for 2001. The subjects of the six meetings were carefully selected in the aim of being up to date and close to the problems met by data base users.- January 26th 2001 :'Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Data Web, Business Intelligence, CRM'. Concerning the offers made in this field by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, the three biggest software producers in the world, a round table about the « soft » of assistance in decision making is organised. What are the large groups’ strategies in «data mining» ? What are the last advances in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with users such as L'Oréal, Mc Cann, etc ?- March 23rd 2001 :« ASP (Applications Services Provider) : promises and realities ? ». With its « Net », Microsoft is involved among others in this big revolution. From now on, the applications will be « rented » through the network rather than bought. Is it the winning business model of the future ? Are infrastructures and particularly networks adapted to this type of use ? How is this new economic model accepted by companies ?- May 25th 2001 :« Collaboration services on Internet : the new deal ». Star Office portal of Sun,, Napster’s groupware by the designer of Lotus Notes, Microsoft solutions…- September 28th 2001 :« Mobile-Banking with demonstration UMTS » within the framework of the Data Base Forum’s participation at the day organized for the Clubs of Sophia.- October 26th 2001 :»M-business and static applications on Internet ». Review of new applications with companies such as Opt(e)vay, Gemplus, Compaq, Avantgo, etc…- December 7th 2001 :at the CICA, a prestige day focused on new Internet tele-services (web-education, e-business, on-line games…)

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