Data Base Forum: wireless teleservices are coming

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The morning of October 26th at the CICA of Sophia Antipolis will be dedicated to the new location based services opened by the mobile telephony. With, at last, some examples. To be discovered.

Reviewing wireless teleservices, m-business (mobile business) and location based applications: the next meeting of the Data Base Forum, which will take place at the CICA of Sophia Antipolis on Friday October 26th from 8.15 am to 1.00 pm, will be exceptional thanks to themes that will be tackled as well as those who will take part in it.This morning is all the more interesting as the GPRS is going to come out very soon. Contrarily to the WAP, which has been a real "flop", the General Packet Radio Services provides higher transfer rates and the tariffs corresponds to the exchanged throughputs and not to the connection length any more. And this makes the launching of these new location based services possible (services based on the localisation of the user) for a reasonable price.One of the strong moments of this DBF session will be the presentation by Alain Helaili, the Cross-Systems' consultant, of an already implemented application set up for the famous Michelin's Red Guide. This location based service functions on PDA (Personal Digital Assistant type Palm or iPack) and a part of the application has been developed by the Cross System agency in Sophia Antipolis. Another one will be the review of the UMTS plat-form in Monaco and wireless teleservices which are under experimentation in the Principality that is now the European laboratory for the third generation telephony. The "UMTS in practice" review should be done by Richard Lalande, the president of the Cegetel corporate foundation and president of Monaco Telecom.Other events not to be missed: the presentation of mobile-banking prototypes developed by the Serge Miranda's MBDS (Mastère de Bases de Données Spécialisées; master in specialised databases) in partnership with Monegasque banks; the strategy conducted by Opteway, a start-up from Sophia Antipolis, on location based services; the Lucent's strategy for wireless services (with Christian Van Ghelder, the manager of Lucent Sophia), etc. Many other presentations in the program published on the website are still to be kept in mind (Intel, Oracle, Daimler Chrysler). Free entrance but prerequisite registration (online registrations on the website as well).

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