David Tomatis, Television Festival of Monte-Carlo

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“Imagina, which is planned to be organized from February 2002, will be the open window for the medium term future.”

The 41st Television festival of Monte-Carlo, taking place from February 16th to 22nd under the presidency of Prince Albert de Monaco, has a growing success again after a recent decline. For three years, a new direction has changed the previous orientations and opted out for an original strategy which led to an average growth of 6 up to 8% per year in terms of frequenting. On the other hand, the Television festival of Monte-Carlo has just bought the “brand” Imagina to the INA and aims to organize again this important world meeting on virtual images from next year. The general secretary of the festival, David Tomatis answered to the questions of Sophianet.com.- Sophianet.com : How would you define this 41st festival? David Tomatis :It’s been three years we have been changing a lot of things. Thus it isn’t a transition year but it is a festival which expands regularly from 6 up to 8% per year. This year, it is a quality edition with an international competition constantly growing. The competition among fiction programmes is a good example: the thirty programmes presented come from twenty different countries. Concerning the jury, it is composed of ten nationalities.- Sophianet.com : What were the new things set up? David Tomatis :Monte-Carlo’s festival completely changed its programmes with:- tributes given to professionals as for this year to Robert Halmi Sr.,président of Hallmark entertainment- the presentation of programmes not in competition as “L’ Algérie des Chimères of ARTE- the growing participation of stars, not only actors but also film makers- a market of programmes more targeted to activities of “format” and production.- Sophianet.com : When you mention “format”, what is it exactly? David Tomatis :This activity essentially concerns television games but also 'talk shows'. This year, we face a development of “formats” in the sector of fiction and more specially of “sit-coms”. The future is promising. The right holders do not only sell a programme concept but also the knowledge. The production is supervised and the producers have to respect certain constraints which make international a certain number of ingredients as the scenery, the costumes, the way of presentation. Thus we get to a visual result which is similar everywhere in the world.The most famous examples of 'formats' are 'La roue de la fortune' or more recently, 'Qui veut gagner des millions?'. The part of creativity is rather limited but these productions generate new revenues with a minimum of investments.- Sophianet.com : You have just bought the brand Imagina, which was under the supervision of the “Institut National de l'Audiovisuel” was until now the technologic side of the festival. Why did you not continue with the INA? David Tomatis :The INA didn’t wish to go on with Imagina since it wished to refocus its activities on core jobs, that is to say the preservation of the audiovisual heritage. However, at Monte-Carlo’s festival, we are interested in this demonstration of several sides:- Its budget can be readjusted from the first year, then it won’t cost anything.– The consequences of the media are important for the principality.- Imagina has the same aim, which consists of welcoming a maximum of events with international repercussions.- Sophianet.com : What will the new Imagina look like? David Tomatis :We are currently thinking about it within a comittee of professionals, scientists and manufacturers and the conclusions will allow the event to develop.- Sophianet.com : Can you tell us who are the members of this comittee? David Tomatis :For the moment, the committee wishes to work behind the scenes but it is a well-balanced group with professionals, scientists and manufacturers who set several lines of contents:- conferences and meetings around synthesis and 3D images- conferences and meetings around the most recent technologic developments.– industrial exhibition, technological side of the festival.Imagina will be an open window for the medium term future.- Sophianet.com : When do you plan the new Imagina? David Tomatis :At the end of March 2001, we will focus on the reflection started on the event we plan to organize at the beginning of February 2002.- Sophianet.com : How much did Imagina cost ? David Tomatis :We got Imagina at the right price.

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