The Davis Cup final will take place in Nice

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Some good news for Nice : from next December 3rd to 5th, the final of Davis Cup between France and Australia will take place in the city. According what the French Tennis Federation has asked a 10.000 seat stand and a hard-packed surface will be set up over a exhibition center's space of 12.000 m2. As a result, many events have been postponed to allow the happening of such an event which was not listed on the schedule : Luna Park which was expected to start on November 29th is postponed to Saturday December 11th and will finish on January 16th; the student show is postponed to January 22nd and 23rd. As for organization expenses of this final, they will the charge of the Nice city (3.25 million francs) and of the Council of the department (1.5 million francs).

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