The Deutsche Bank sets up in Nice

Posté ven 03/08/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Deutsche Bank S.A., the French subsidiary of the first German bank, has chosen an old Belle-Epoque house with a garden for its first setting up out of Paris. Such a choice is resolutely different from the 75 other banks already established in Nice which have chosen, in overall, more functional premises.But the difference is the niche that the Deutsche Bank intends to deal with in order to distinguish themselves from French rivals. For instance, they offer households some consulting services rather than financial products. Anyway, Alain André, CEO, explains that the Deutsche Bank has no own product. Our main objective is to deliver consulting in patrimony management to our customers – households which have savings at least up to 300.000 F -, to turn them towards best investments.In order to become famous in France, the country which has the record in terms of bank agency density, the DB S.A. intends to open a real information and consulting center for households by phone, fax and Internet. As well ten agencies are expected among which four within the capital. Yesterday morning, Nice had the honor of inaugurating the first provincial agency in the presence of Alain Hindié and of many personalities.

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