Developing your computer skills: the e-learning solution

Posté lun 24/09/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

You have always been whishing you were able to master famous software such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, etc., but you have never time enough to be trained. You must visit, a new e-learning website which targets at web-surfers who whish to improve their computer skills. This website targets individuals (students, job seekers, employees…) as well as SMEs which don't have enough time and money to offer traditional trainings to their employees or to themselves.On the press release published in Cyperus, you will find all of the details about this e-learning website launched by ENI Editions. Training modules (type Excel 2000 first level or Excel 2000 expert) counts from 6 to 8 lecture hours divided into around sixty exercises and they cost 30 euros (198 francs).

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