Directive Territoriale d?Aménagement: the CCI goes over the top

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Before the public survey in December, six public meetings are organised with the Union pour l’Entreprise 06 in order to put forward the observations and the propositions of professionals.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry goes over the top against some orientations of the future Directive Territoriale d’Aménagement (territorial planning directive) that they consider as contrary to the needs of an active and dynamic department. During its general assembly, the CCI has put forward five major points that should be modified in the document written by the State (see the article "La CCI disagrees with the Territorial planning directive").The CCI says that the document sets up the fundamental orientations in terms of development and balance between the prospects of territory development and protection. Thus, the document will decide the localisation of big transport infrastructures and large facilities, the protection of natural spaces, whilst application modalities of littoral and mountain laws will be specified.Six meetings have thus been organised with the UPE (Union pour l’Entreprise 06) in order to focus on the content of the DTA and to present the main observations and propositions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Côte d’Azur and the Union pour l’Entreprise 06. All of which before the DTA public survey next December.The following meetings will all take place from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm:- Monday November 12th 2001: Cannes Mandelieu Cannes la Bocca Airoprt, Room Saint-Exupéry, parking spaces guaranteed.- Thursday November 15th 2001: Carros, Maison des Entreprises of the Var plain 1st avenue – 4243 Meters. Parking spaces guaranteed.- Tuesday November 20th 2001: Ceram Sophia Antipolis, room 139, 60 rue Dostoïevski. Parking spaces guaranteed.- Thursday November 22nd 2001: Grasse, Mas du Calme, 53, chemin de la Tourrache. Parking spaces guaranteed. Access: Pénétrante Grasse, - last exit at the tunnel, - first & second traffic circles Pégomas direction, - drive 20 meters, first climbing on the left, - parking spaces 300 meters after.- Wednesday November 28th 2001: Menton, Salons de la Résistance du Loubre, Boyer avenue.- Thursday November 29th 2001: Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, Terminal 1, Business Center, Room Moscow, Parking P3 advised.

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