Directive Territoriale d'Aménagement : a new delay

Posté ven 11/05/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A new public inquiry for the DTA, la Directive territoriale d'Aménagement of the Alpes-Maritimes (Local planning direction) : that's what the Secretary of the State for Transport, Jean-Claude Gayssot has announced in a letter addressed to elected ones. The release of this orientation document for the development in the Alpes-Maritimes, has been delayed again. Initiated by the government five years ago, this pilot DTA (the first one in France) would have been subjected to an Order of the State in 1999. Last June, the Council of the department rejected it because it did not meet the problems of traffic jam experienced in the department in particular. It did not take links with Italy into account either. Moreover the first public inquiry was a failure. As a new public inquiry set up, the DTA would not be released until 2002, 2003.

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