The Directive Territoriale d?Aménagement at the program of the CCI

Posté jeu 11/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Curiously, the debate around the DTA (Directive Territoriale D’aménagement; territory organisation order) has not crossed the borders of the limited authority circle. Nevertheless, through this document the French Riviera is involved for the ten years to come. What do we want to do of the department? What do we plan to do to achieve these objectives? These are some of the fundamental questions the document has to answer. So, the CCI has decided to open a wider debate. They have put the DTA project into the program of the next general assembly which will take place at the airport business center, Terminal 1, on Monday October 15th, 4.00 pm. Jean-Pierre Blanchet, a member of the department of civil engineering and author of the report on the intermodality of transports in the Alpes-Maritimes will take part in this assembly. Another important question tackled during this meeting: the reorganisation project of the port of Nice. A “structure” project which is close to the more general scheme of the D.T.A. and which has already been submitted to a large public debate.

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