Domain names: Atos Origin's misfortune

Posté mar 13/03/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

You'd better not forget to replace your domain name. Atos Origin, 27 000 employees, French leader of online secured payment (the company is set up in Sophia Antipolis), learned it to its costs, after the misadventure revealed by the magazine called Transfert, in an article entitled /"> 'Atos Origin récupère son nom de domaine'. Between Wednesday evening March 7th and Thursday morning 8th, the company faced the worst problems with its DNS server with the domain name An important part of the transactions for business customers couldn't be done.The cause for this problem: the domain name, had expired three months ago and a crafty one had registered sips.atos with an Australian registrar, Did Atos Origin's management choose to compromise? Anyway, on Thursday, at 12.00 AM, they could announce that everything was back to normal. They could get their domain name back in the meantime. They were close to loose their domain name…

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