Domain names : the Tahles' misadventure

Posté mer 20/12/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

In /"> '', the economy's itching powder, this story of domain names which Thales, the former-Thomson-CSF that has invested 100 million francs in his name changing, has to face today. If you're looking for pieces of information about Thales, the first reflex will be to type '', or, .net or .org. Bad luck. Every time, you fall onto a company that has nothing to do with the former-Thomson-CSF. is a seller of wine barrels for professionals. belongs to a Belgian citizen and has been reserved by a fund from New-York which doesn't use it. Hence they have had to content themselves with, a longer and less evident name. The ironic webzine says :' Congratulations to the communication agency which has sold the name (doubtless, for a very expensive price) and to the marketing concept that hasn't check anything…'Such a story recalls the one of the portal of Vivendi's

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