"Dotcoms": the crisis continues

Posté ven 08/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The crisis continues for the start-ups of the Net economy. Thus www.webmerger.com, a specialized website in sales and purchase of Internet companies, will assess the month of May which isn't very encouraging for the "dotcoms". The website has registered 54 announcements of "deaths" worldwide in May 2001, which was four less than in April 2001, the record being reached in February 2001 with 59 closures. Webmerger then points out that the worldwide crisis of "dotcoms", following the e-krach of April 2000 has really began a year ago. In May 2000, 13 closures of start-ups were registered whereas a maximum of two were on the previous months. Since January 2000 until the end of May, 493 "dotcoms" have shut up worldwide and 55% of these closures happened since January 2001, that is to say on the five last months. The B to C (Business to Consumer) and the B to B (Business to Business) are affected on the same levels.

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