Down with the techno ! (Le Monde?s last interactive supplement)

Posté ven 02/11/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

"A bas la techno !", Le Monde daily claims in a voluntarily provocative article which marks its last Interactive supplement. From now on, “nobody is astonished by the high tech anymore”. However, Le Monde doesn’t totally quit the Net. But, in his editorial entitled “Mutations”, Bertrand d’Armagnac thinks that the Network is going through a calmer period with deeper implications, (../..) because the society, the economy are networking.Three years after its launching, the Interactive supplement disappears and will be blent to the general edition. However, the web-surfers appointment on is not abandoned. This withdrawal is a common feature in the whole press. It is linked to the heavy fall of advertising profits in this industry. Up to a point that Courrier International talks about the end of interactive illusions ("La fin des illusions interactives").

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