Dream Up: webTV pioneer

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Imagine, design: this is under the sign of imagination the start-up established. Dream-up in Sophia Antipolis is about to become the WebTV agencies number one.

It would be possible to begin Dream-up story by 'once upon a time'. Dream-up project began thanks to the initiative of three 22-year-old boys: Stéphane Hermet, Guillaume Ferrari and Julien Cuny, three young men whose passion is computer science. 'In 1998, we used to pay a very deep attention to all the developments on the Internet. And we understood that more and more people would launch on the Internet and that at a moment it would be necessary to meet their needs.'High-Tech services supplierThe three boys decided to join their abilities to found Dream-Up. It was risky because we did not have a lot of money, moreover, as only material, we had our own computers.'The first idea was to supply with technological services. Their first client: France 3 (France third national channel)! 'We were asked to do channel assembly. It was about to 3D compère, the credits of the news special TV edition dedicated to Festival de Cannes.'In 1999, they met Bruno Puech, network engineer at Alcatel and president of 'Hermès Partenaires', an association dedicated to help start-ups. The boys proposed him their Dream-up development project. 'He proposed us to take a part in the Geneva telecommunications exhibition. We made a demonstration in Alcatel stand. Bruno became Dream-Up Business Angel and also manager of the company.'Since that, Dream-Up has totally ensured its WebTV Agency role. 'We try to answer as right as possible our clients' needs and avoid to enter in sectors where demand is not developed,'Bruno Puech underlined.The firm proposes its know-how for web site graphic design, but also for computer development. Thanks to the experience ZeWebTV, Julien Cuny channel has acquired, Dream-Up put at potential users' disposal video filming and reports means and services. But the firm can also realize sequences encoding for stream creation. And lodge those streams in a pan-European network of high capacity files servers.Dream-Up clients are France Télécom, channel Arte, and the ice sports French Federation. 'At the time of the world championships that took place in Nice, the Federation asked us. We developed for the Federation an 'On line' and 'Off line' booking system. 90,000 places transited by the Dream-Up system…'

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