Duel for the 360 degrees : FlashVisit sunk

Posté jeu 05/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The duel which opposed two start-ups on the digital interactive imaging is over. FlashVisit is in liquidation because of a lack of investors. Previsite is now the only one…

It is a new failure in the world of start-ups, with FlashVisit. This company, specialized in the digital interactive imaging (360 degree picture) was created a year ago in Paris. It employed about thirty people and owned a business office on the Riviera, managed by Emma Poignon.«You became involved in this new Internet era with us and we thank you for that, it was written on the mail sent to clients on July 3rd. We built these bases together with an incredible energy and it is all the more difficult for us not to be supported by the financial market, which is now in a bad situation. It prevented the FlashVisit solution from developing and doesn’t allow us to carry our aim of being a CVI (Visual Interactive Content)manufacturer to completion. Thus, we have the regret to inform you the cessation of activities for our company.FlashVisit, which filed a petition in bankruptcy at the beginning of last week, was put in liquidation on Tuesday July 3rd. Thus it puts an end to the duel which opposed for nearly a year FlashVisit to Previsite on the market of the panoramic photograph (360 degree). However, the company Previsite is still running and uses the software of the company of Sophia called esual (FlashVisit operated with proprietary software). Previsite also owns an office on the Riviera (in Saint-Laurent-du-Var) and a network of local photographers. It has just celebrated its first year developing new web services for its panoramic virtual visits (360 degrees) and can now have a better future on a market on which there isn’t necessarily a future for two companies.

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