E-acute on channel Arte

Posté mer 04/10/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

In the report of French channel Arte dedicated on Tuesday evening Oct.3rd to start-up adventure in France, two examples out of the three exposed were from French Riviera (cybersearch, e-acute and festivillage.com). 'festivillage.com' is a start-up which settled in the Var, but the Alpes-Maritimes example was e-acute, inventor of Octave, a writing software for little mobiles. So the report took place for a large part in Sophia Antipolis at the CICA (International Center for Advanced Communication), where e-acute has settled. Some sequences were very interesting, and were shot in the firm breeding-ground, during work meetings with Start-up connexion when they were researching capital, and the firm had been followed during several months in its environment for the report.

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