E-business : the Chanel spirit on the Net

Posté ven 23/02/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

A good example of an e-business site dedicated to the haute-couture noticed by Toutsurlacom.com: the second version of the /www.chanel.com">www.chanel.comsite launched early November. The B2L agency, which created it, had had to put the Chanel spirit on Internet. Some refined graphics, a style elegance, a well organized navigation with four topics (fashion, fragrance, makeup, skin care), some flash animations, a very large panorama on the latest collections with a zoom possibility for each picture, a quick access : we are about to smell the famous brand N°5 around the pictures. There's something to give the French haute-couture the desire to launch oneself on the Web. After the French version, the American and English versions have just been put on line, while the brand intends to strengthen its position in Europe and Asia with the help of the Net…

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