E-business : the Coface group's '@rating solution'

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The CCI Nice Côte d'Azur is going to sign an agreement with the world leader in credit- insurance for the export in order to help companies from the Riviera to better secure their B to B transactions.

The globalisation and the development of electronic business, with market places in particular, have revolutionize the business between firms (the B to B, business to business). Now, each company in the world can become the customer or the provider of any company else wherever it is located. The transaction will be concluded instantaneously, whatever the distance which separates both partners is. However, Internet does not solve business security problems. It even makes them more difficult to manage according to the distance and different legislations.As for company managers, three particular problems are to be solved : the visibility and the credibility of their own company, the reliability of their B to B partners and the protection of their B to B transactions. The @rating solution, developed by the Coface group, meets all these three problems. The @rating is an international label that has been developed by the world leader in credit-insurance for the export. This is a system in charge of listing the reliability of B to B companies (already 35 million companies are listed in the world !).So, it is possible to visualize the ability of a company to honour its commitments, to check the quality of its partners in the whole world and even to insure its transactions against the risk of outstanding payments. As well, the CCI Nice Côte d'Azur has tried to make the marketing of the different services of the '@rating solution' easier with companies of the Riviera. An agreement will be signed for such a reason on Wednesday January 10th, 5.00 pm, at the Palais Consulaire, 20 boulevard Carabacel, between Francis Perigini, the president of the CCI and Jérôme Cazez, Coface group's general manager. This will happen for the first time in the PACA region and this kind of agreement will probably spread to the whole CCI in France.ContactsCCI NCA, Nathalie Gadel : 04 93 13 73 76Coface, top management in Nice : 04 92 14 48 50

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