E-business : the example of cadeauxdeprovence.com

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'How can e-business go with field-business ? That's explained by Philippe Daniel's 'e-com' approach' Dag Merino explains about this site.

Just like roses-antibes.com, the e-business site created by Gilbert Constans, the rose grower in Antibes, did before, another e-business site that held Dag Merino's attention at Sema Group in Sophia Antipolis : /www.cadeauxdeprovence.com"> www.cadeauxdeprovence, the Philippe Daniel's site in Saint-Vallier de Thiey. ' this project is an another evidence that, with the means of the knew-economy (the one that we use every day), we can take advantages from powerful e-business models (and especially the B-to-C or 'One-to-One' particularly appreciated by Sema Web Tech,'Dag Merino says.'What is really hiding behind the electronic customer base' ? -Do we have to buy a 1 million francs software licence, not to mention the developments and the oversized infrastructure ? -can we afford it when 'we live on the practical field' ? The answers of all of these questions are obviously negative. So how can the e-business go with the field-business ? That's explained by Philippe's 'e-com' approach who is seeking to build his transformation rate (from the customer to the buyer) around the fundamental principles of the proximity business. And by paraphrasing the SSII Transiciel slogan, I would like to conclude by saying : 'Low-technology, High-value'ContactPhilippe Daniel; Cadeaux de Provence; Parc d'Activités du Pilon - Lot N°22; F-06640; St Vallier de Thiey; tel : 04 92 60 01 01; fax : 04 92 60 01 02e-mail : mailto:info@cadeauxdeprovence.com

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