E-recruitment : the Telecom Valley recruits via the Net

Posté jeu 07/06/2001 - 00:00
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Set up at the CICA in Sophia, in front of PC, screen and webcam, around twenty recruitment managers of the largest companies from the French Riviera, will receive candidates in videoconferencing !

Turmoil at the CICA in Sophia Antipolis where the second e-recruitment operation conducted by the Telecom Valley will take place on Thursday May 31st from 12 am to 8 pm. Thus, since the beginning of the week around twenty boxes have been set in CICA's public spaces in order to welcome recruitment managers of around twenty companies which are association members and which are all recruiting.These are software companies (Transiciel, Atos Origin, SII, Ariane II) but also some great companies such Amadeus or even start-ups such as Castify, some companies which are coming on the research park such as Cross System, some research centers such as the INRIA, some engineering schools such as Eurécom. In brief, the whole range of NICT. Recruiters will seat in front of their PCs, equipped with a webcam, and thus will be able to get in contact with job seekers who will connect from France and from all over the world, graduated students, technicians and engineers who want to work in the Telecom Valley. All of them had left their CVs before by mail.Of course, contacts between companies and candidates will be done only by videoconferencing. This will cancel the distance effect. Regional candidates have thus been asked not to come to the CICA, but to use the ESSI (Ecole supérieure de science informatique; computer science school) in Sophia Antipolis as a reception center. For any piece of information see the site of the Telecom Valley, the virtual nerve center of the operation. The front page, opened April 23rd, already received more than 14.000 visitors on May 30th ! This figure shows the fad which results from this second e-recruitment session.

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