E-recruitment : the Telecom Valley renews the operation

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On-line interactive recruitment by cyber-interviews on May 31st for around twenty companies, which are members of the association. A forum for high tech occupations conducted in partnership with the APEC.

Around twenty companies of the Telecom Valley will take part in a great e-recruitment operation which will take place next May 31st from the CICA of Sophia Antipolis. Last October, the association have been able to use the process for the first time with the first operation of this kind. After this "number zero" which has enabled it to test systems, it renews its on-line interactive recruitment day, by cyber-interviews, with the APEC.PC, webcam, and NetmeetingThe principle stays the same. They want to improve the relationship and the dialogue between companies of the Telecom Valley which can offer high level positions to potential applicants. And those ones do not have to come, at least for the first interview. The Telecom Valley uses thus its own technologies to broaden its recruitment circle and to attract the best ones. Thus they aim at every executive, young graduate or executive with experience, graduate-to-be in Information and Communication Technologies and Sciences who wish to benefit from the unique, professional and geographical, environment of the Telecom Valley, according to what is said on the site of the association.Contacts between companies and applicants will be set only by videoconference via Internet, which would allow a large public to take part in it by using one of the numerous welcoming sites that are partners of the event among which the APEC centers which bring their complete support. The people in charge of the recruitment of the Telecom Valley will be at the in the CICA (Sophia Antipolis) from 12.00 am to 8.00 pm. Each one of them is equipped with a PC and a webcam, connected to Internet, and has a fixed IP address. All over France, partner welcoming sites receive applicants. What is the material that is required in order to become a welcoming site ? PCs, equipped with webcams, allowing the Netmeeting as well as fixed connection with a minimum transfer rate of 50 Ko by terminal in order to provide the continuity of interviews (sound and image).Job offers, by companies, are available on the site of the Forum since April 30th at the address www.telecom-valley.fr. Applicants who are interested can subscribe with an on-line questionnaire. They have to mention in particular the name of the companies they want to contact and the address of the Web/URL page on which their CV can be consulted. Failing that they can attach their CV. The list of applicants and their files will be communicated to concerned companies, and only to these ones. Then, companies will set a precise hour with applicants for their cyber-interview at the Forum's day. Then, it's up to applicants…ContactFor any piece of information, contact the association Telecom Valley by mail at : e-recrutement@telecom-valley.fr

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