EasyJet: a daily flight between Nice and Amsterdam in January

Posté jeu 02/11/2000 - 00:00
Par admin

The low cost airline company EasyJet will launch a Nice-Amsterdam flight every day from January 2001. After having put Air France out from the Nice-Geneva line, and after having acquired a sizeable part of flights between Nice and London (more than 30%), the British company which prepares its entrance in the Stock Exchange, has just enter in partnership with the company from the Netherlands KLM. However, four years ago, EasyJet had already launched a weekly flight between Nice and Amsterdam, the line had to be stooped some months later.This time, the network has become bigger and the Nice-Amsterdam line makes part of a whole strategy. Schiphol has already been linked with Luton, Liverpool and Geneva, whereas in addition with Nice, from Amsterdam, other lines will be launched to Belfast and Edimbourg. Our strategy is to add routes for destinations already existent, it permits to make economy, Ray Webster declared, CEO.

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