EasyJet: tickets from Paris to Nice at 300 francs?

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The low cost company is now present on the 20,000 slots freed by AOM-Air Liberté. It would base flights in Paris from October and mentioned tariffs for London…and Nice.

Will EasyJet, the British low cost company launch flights from Paris to Nice at 300 francs? It works actively to set up on the platform of Paris-Orly and is present on the 20,000 annual slots, these precious take-off and landing slots that the company AOM-Air Liberté left vacant because of its restructuring.Last July 30th already, Ray Webster, Manager at EasyJet declared in plain language what was planned (see article "EasyJet welcomed the decision of the Court of Créteil " on the company’s website). « It seems that the decision of the Court entails a decrease in some activities of the company (AOM-Air Liberté). Thus, slots should be available, particularly at Paris-Orly. EasyJet applied to the competent authorities for some of these slots, and we think that our model, which success is widely recognized, can perfectly apply to international connections, bringing a service at the best prize. We will be very careful for the openness of the allocation procedure for slots, which should allow a new coming company to benefit from fair conditions in the competition.EasyJet won a new step on Monday August 27th. They applied to the DGAC (General Management of the civil airline) for 20,000 slots freed by AOM-Air Liberté, announced a representative of the company. It means that they will have seven Boeings available (737, 300 and 700) based in Orly, which would work on the destinations already served by the company from other places (London, Geneva, Liverpool, etc.). Prices were even announced : a single fare should cost from 300 francs for a Paris-London or a Paris-Nice…Moreover, EasyJet wishes to be fast. Since it can immediately use three planes, it applied for 8,500 slots which could be used as soon as a winter programme is set, that is to say from October 25th, not to mention the first destinations which will open. By the end of March 2002, that is to say for the opening of the summer season, it intends to have seven planes based in Paris, then with the possibility of a complete development. It is possible that Air France won’t appreciate this reinforcement in the French airlines !

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