The economic crime, theme of the 11th Monaco World Summit

Posté ven 27/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The Monaco World Summit takes place on Thursday and Friday April 26th and 27th at the « Sporting d’Hiver » of the principality on the theme of the economic crime and the organised transnational criminality. Two famous contributors will be there: the judge Eric Halphen, who makes the headlines in the press with the case of council housing in Paris and the accusation of the President of the Republic; Michel Hunault, reporter of the law on the dirty money laundering. This 11th Monaco summit, as the previous ones, gathers top personalities (among the contributors of this session, contributors such as Jean-François Burgelin, attorney general at the supreme court of appeal ; Guy de Vel, general manager of judicial cases at the Council of Europe. Muhammad Nakhira Al Dhahiri, Minister of Justice and Islamic affairs in the United Arab Emirates.The various interventions will deal with subjects such as “laundered money, tax dodging and diverse types of regulations”, “the challenge of international judicial cooperation”, etc.

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