Economic intelligence : for SMEs as well

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To help SMEs to get launched in the economic intelligence : that is the aim of the first regional meetings in PACA organized on May 25th at the Ceram of Sophia Antipolis.

The economic intelligence, that is to say the monitoring of ones markets, the observation of ones competitors, the technology watch, etc, is not reserved exclusively to large industrial groups. To allow SMEs to better understand the stakes of economic intelligence and, above all, to determine an approach in this sense : that is the aim of the first regional meetings "Intelligence économique PME-PMI" (Economic intelligence SMEs) which will take place next May 25th, at the Ceram of Sophia Antipolis. Such meetings are organized by the Master specialized in Economic Intelligence and knowledge Management of the CERAM under the authority of the IHESI (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité Intérieure; Institute for studies in Domestic security)."The aim of the Economic Intelligence, it is written in a press release, are sometimes a bit vague for managers, and practices seem questionable or inaccessible. However, the experience shows that all the competing companies have to respect some basic rules, in order to develop, or even sometimes to ensure their continuity. The goal of that day is to focus on practices of the largest French or foreign companies, in order to assess risks opportunities offered by the Economic Intelligence".Organized in a framework of conferences, roundtables with debates and research stands, this day will be animated by numerous contributors : university professors, company managers, persons responsible for associations specialized in economic intelligence, consultants. The main themes will be tackled such as the valorisation of the "information capital", economic intelligence and knowledge management, norms and ethic in economic intelligence (see the complete programme of the day).These first meetings are opened to companies of any sector and of any dimension, as well as to teachers, consultants and students. They aim at helping companies as far as technique, strategy and organisation are concerned. They also aim at determining an Economic Intelligence approach : finding right speakers, treating information in the most efficient and the most secure way, developing a network, creating a watch plat-form, protecting the technical and intellectual patrimony, using at best the strategic information tools…Information and contacts- Subscriptions until May 12th according to available spaces (fee : 150 francs)- Contact Mrs Antonia LUCIANI coordinator of the MS "EI&KM"; Tel :04 93 95 45 28; Fax : 04 93 95 45 58; Mail :

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