The electronic purse Monéo released June 3rd

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Already tested in several cities, Monéo will be launched in June on the Riviera. This system which allows users to pay small amounts will function from a credit card.

The electronic purse Monéo will be launched next June 3rd in the Alpes-Maritimes: this was the small scoop of the Euro meeting organised last Wednesday by the Crédit Mutuel agencies of Nice. The electronic currency, which has already been tested in France, particularly in Tours, Poitiers, Lyon, Bordeaux, already exists in countries such as Switzerland and Portugal.The electronic purse functions with two formulas: the independent card which can be loaded with 600 francs (the amount will then be defined in euros); the coupling with a bank card, with, on the same chip, the coexistence of the credit card and the electronic purse. This last solution will be introduced into the Alpes-Maritimes (of course, this service won't be compulsory).Thus, for small purchasing of bread, newspaper or coffee, it will be possible to present the credit card for a debit from one's electronic purse and to use the same card for more expensive payments (the electronic purse doesn't go beyond a purchase of 200 francs). Terminals will be set up in stores and in public spaces to "reload" one's electronic purse. The latter, as the credit card, will be protected by a 4 figure code. For further pieces of information, see the CIC bordelaise website.After the Euro transition, as early as January 1st 2002, another change in the way we pay…

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