Employment: the UDECA launches again the sponsorship campaign

Posté mar 19/06/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The UDECA (Union of companies of the French Riviera, ex UPIAM), presided over by Gérard-Louis Bosio, wished to launch the sponsorship again. This campaign, initiated in 2000, aims at supporting unemployed people to get a job. A convention, which links the different public operators of employment and the UDECA then plans the support of motivated applicants for work, with a validated professional project by a salaried employee of a company. After a training provided by the UDECA, this person who supports the applicant for work helps him voluntarily for his reinsertion. He will bring his practical knowledge in the field, his perception of his work, his contacts. It is a simple way to provide a service to the company which faces problems to recruit and to help an applicant for work to reintegrate the job market. For this, the UDECA counts on the largest mobilization possible of economic actors in the department. Dial 04 92 47 73 73 for information.

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