Entreprendre les hautes technologies: capital-risk and KM

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Third event of the cycle 2001, on Thursday September 13th, 6.00 pm, at the Ceram, about development financing, KM practices (Knowledge Management) and telecommunications.

“Entreprendre les hautes technologies” (undertaking high technologies) comes back on Thursday September 13th, 6.00 pm, at the Ceram. The point will be capital-risk and fund-raising as well as knowledge management. Organised by the DPCT (Direction of technologic competences poles, created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry), these appointments are particularly targeted to project holders and company creators. Every time contributors are successful company creators and they come and concretely talk about problems they have met and solutions they have found through their way to succeed.A roundtable in opening. It will deal with development financing by capital-risk. Jérôme Chifflet, the CEO of Waidan, Philippe Oros, the CEO of Quescom, Xavier Mignon, one of the Systal’s founders (content navigator Pertimm) will talk about the current problem of capital-risk. As the climate has become particularly harsh, fund raisings become rarer and rarer, particularly for the first searches for investment. And even second searches for investments require much more time to achieve than in the past. That’s why, for instance, “special loans” are set with the help of investors to wait for better times, while the start-up has to lower costs as much as possible.Two stands in parallel. Participants will then be divided in two groups to attend one of the two stands which will take place in parallel. The first one will deal with Knowledge Management and its tools. KM allows companies to capitalise on knowledge and know-how acquired within a company. Dag Merino, a KM specialist, will mention the daily use of Knowledge Management. Xavier Mignon will present Pertimm, a software developed according to the principle of “reversed computer” and which allows men to dialogue with computers. This is an ideal tool for KM.How a telecom start-up can pave its way ? The second roundtable will deal with telecommunications, from convergence of networks to choice of operators. Jérôme Chifflet will present software developed to make choices of companies easier in terms of telecom strategy. While Philippe Oros will talk about its experience in telephony on IP, a way his company is opening.Contact- Free entrance, but compulsory registration on the site http://entreprendreht.ivcs.org- François TAMARELLE, e-mail: francois.tamarelle@cote-azur.cci.fr

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