Enum, a universal e-number for telephones and the Net (L?Expansion)

Posté jeu 25/10/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

And if there could be a bridge between the telephone and Internet ? If, by dialling a phone number on your computer or on your mobile terminal of the third generation you would be able to consult a server of names which would send you to the various addresses of your correspondent (wire phone, mobile, e-mail, website and others), according to preferences of the latter ? To link all the communication means we have today (wire phone, mobile, fax, e-mail, voice on IP, etc), this solution exists. The name of this solution is Enum, the e-number. L’Expansion, in the article "Enum, le cyberstandardiste du futur" explains the principle and shows the big stakes which are hiding behind the project. Imagine the power of the person who would manage the world e-number base, the unique numbers to communicate by phone or by the Net !

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