ETSI: Bridget Cosgrave will be replaced by Jorgen Friis

Posté mer 11/04/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The ETSI (European Institute for telecommunication standardization) at Sophia Antipolis has appointed a new assistant general manager during its bi-annual general meeting of last April 5th and 6th. Jorgen Friis will then replace, from August 2001 Bridget Cosgrave who had been in function for five years. Jorgen Friis, who is expected at Sophia from May for handing on the baton, has more than ten years of experience in telecommunications. He knows more particularly the technical side of this industry but he also worked in the management. He was vice-president of the networks section of 'TeleDenmark' since 1998 and was in charge of networks' strategies, standards, systems, design, documentation, etc. It is his profile of manager and technician which made him selected by the ETSI.

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