Eurécom: how can the UTMS provide the e-car?

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Presented at the CICA of Sophia on Friday June 22nd, the project RNRT-SAMU examines the possibilities of the third generation mobile telephony applied to cars.

Example: a motorist wishes to offer his passengers a nice trip and to transform his car in a relaxing space. In his e-car, the access to mobile services is divided in two parts. Before departure, our driver can connect from his computer to the portal of the car manufacturer and to the list of movies, music and games chosen by his passengers. The aim is to be sure that they can have them available at the appropriate moment. On the road, and when they which, passengers can activate the service by UTMS. Thus, they have access to their options and can chose the movie they wish to watch, the music they wish to listen and their favourite games. All simultaneously.Set up new servicesScience fiction ? Not really. It will be reality as soon as UTMS networks will be developed, says the Eurecom Institute, where the project RNRT-SAMU (National Research Network in Telecommunications) will be presented on Friday June 22nd, on the site of the CICA at Sophia Antipolis. This project is leaded with Motorola, Renault, Cegetel as well as the University of Versailles, and concerns the possibilities offered by the UTMS in the field of mobile services in cars.Before the development of UTMS networks, the establishment of new services based on the mobile Internet became essential. It is in this context that private and academic partners elaborated a pre-competitive project, aiming to make the journey by car easier in different contexts such as professional or leisure."The UTMS is made of with technologic parts which have to be gathered at best to offer to the public an innovative service”, underlines Christian Bonnet, lecturer and director of the Mobile Communication Department of Eurécom. The project offered by Renault within the framework of the SAMU offers an example. It concerns the overall of services to which the motorist can access: technical information directly linked to the car; browsing data (route, websites to visit, restaurants, hotels…); range of tailor-made leisure (movies, music, games). All the new functionalities of the e-car!

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