Eurécom : Nicolas Demassieux, sponsor for the year 2001

Posté mar 03/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

Director of the Motorola Research Centre in Paris, Nicolas Demassieux is the sponsor of the year 2001 at the Eurecom Institute. Degrees will be granted during a ceremony organized at the CICA of Sophia Antipolis on Friday July 6th at 15.30.Will contribute to this ceremony: Marcel Jufer, president of the assembly of members at the GIE Eurecom; Bixio Rimoldi, lecturer within the communication systems Department of EPFL; Anne Germa, lecturer in charge of the ENST International; Dominique Ventre, director of the ENST Training; professor Francis Waldvogel, president of the Federal Polytechnic Schools council; Ulrich Finger, director of Eurecom; as well as the senator Pierre Laffitte and Bernard Asso, vice-president of the county council of the Alpes-Maritimes.

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