Europe Technologies raised 45 million francs

Posté lun 30/07/2001 - 00:00
Par admin

The venture-capital market isn't empty, even if it is more difficult to raise funds now. Thus Europe Technologies succeeded its first fund raising worth 45 million francs from several investors including the SPEF (Popular Banks), the fund of venture capital of Axa and Odyssée Ventures. This start-up of Sophia (not to confuse with Esterel Technologies) which was created in 1996 and employs about thirty people. It is specialized in the development and marketing of embedded systems (on chips) with a focus on systems and chips based on the ARM processor.This contribution to capital, for a company which already reaches a big turnover (6 million dollars in 2000), will be used to speed up the development for the next three years before a listing at the stock exchange planned for 2004. It is a nice recognition for this discreet start-up, but particularly efficient…

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